Phoebe Chen, the designer of Nocori, understands the constant struggle of having to choose convenience over style. This explains why her dream project is to continue designing and innovating beautiful gym bags for women AND men! 

NOCORI is derived from the Japanese word nokori which means "what is left or remaining".  Phoebe’s redesigned idea of a gym bag is inspired by Japanese minimalism. Therefore, the purpose of her handbag collection is to allow the user to feel carefree and light, with all of the essentials built into the bag.

Whether you consider yourself a fitness guru, meeting maven, or a warrior parent, Phoebe understands the struggle of having to rush through the day while attempting to squeeze in a workout somewhere in-between. Hence, she created the Kuro Bag so it can fit seamlessly into your daily lifestyle!

"Clothes (& accessories) aren't going to change the world; the women who wear them will."

Phoebe Chen



New York, NY

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