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Clutch Bag Inspiration

Clutch Bag Inspiration

Clutch Bag inspiration was happening in droves here in New York City during Fashion Week. Every time you looked, you saw a clutch bag inspirational moment. For me, as creative director of Clutch NY, this was quite a fantastic deluge of visual inspiration. This fashion week really served to show me that clutch bags are really being carried at all times of the day with all sorts of great fashion looks!

I thought I would share with you some of the inspirational images that were captured this past week in New York City of women carrying clutch bags. I found the images to be a great representation of what is really going on in the streets.

This image here shows an awesome crocodile clutch being paired with a t-shirt and pantsuit. What a fantastic look to have when moving around the city! This chic lady plays down on the croc bag by wearing the entire look with a pair of sneakers.

What a great way to put a clutch bag into play and on the move!!!!

When I saw this look with the leather biker jacket and the full A-line skirt, I found it really fun and retro and was so happy to see her wearing the look with a clutch. The clutch bag really helps one to focus in on the look, without taking from it. But isn’t that what clutches do anyway? They minimize the bag while maximizing the outfit.

I love the way this woman carries her clutch with her big furry coat. It really proves to the fashion world that you can wear a big coat with a clutch bag and it is easy to do. It is also very reminiscent of the 1940’s, when big soft clutches were carried in the palms of women with big furry coats.

So, with enough said and seen regarding the clutch bag and new options on clutch bag inspiration, I think we can all see that there is new inspirational headway being gained on how to wear a clutch bag in many different ways, besides just to the special evening events!

Remember to Keep it Clutch!

Have a great day!

Laura Dotolo

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