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New York City Street Style #8

New York City Street Style #8

New York City street style has to be one of the most sought after styles of fashion in the world. And yet, no one even thinks of NYC in these “branding” terms. As a New York City Stylist for 20 years and a handbag designer for 15 years, I can decisively say that the fashion street inspiration you see in NYC is definitely a sought after style of fashion around the globe.I have always stated that I have found the inspirations for the designs of the Clutch Bags NY handbag collection on the streets of New York City.

I have never doubted this inspirational flow for one minute. I think it could be attributed to the shear amount of people that live and roam the city here on a daily basis. That, and also, there is a certain sense of adventure that exists in the water and the air of New York City. It is an adventurous vibe that inspires you every now and again (and sometimes more often than not) to just go balls out and try wearing the look out in public. Hey, why not? These are the motivational inspirations that live inside our heads when you live in NYC; it is the inner voices that tell you to be adventuresome and to change it up. These are the voices that say “just because no one else is doing it doesn’t mean you can’t. It means that there is more of a clear public runway for you to test it out”.

I truly believe that the main reason a New Yorker feels inspired to live outside the box is because there are no boundaries in New York City when it comes to testing the temperature of the water, so to speak. A more simple way to say this is that no one will critique you for trying something new, for wearing something different, for stating your opinion. New Yorkers are tolerant, for the most part. And so is their tolerance for fashion and for trends.

I love New York City and I love that Clutch Bags NY is a part of the New York City Style that exists within its avenues and boroughs. After all, this is the place where all my inspiration is found to design cool leather handbags and purses.

Part #8: New York City Street Style

New York City Street Style pictured above is exactly the way we all feel when dressing ourselves for this time of year. Yes, it seems all about layering. Layering is the perfect answer to these very unpredictable weather patterns. Thinking a black turtleneck sweater is enough for this time of year? Try again. Wearing a suede jacket on top of the turtleneck is not only smart, but wisely warm. However, as the sun sets on these early spring days, and the temperature drops a bit, a chill will set into your bones. A remedy to this is a boyfriend cardigan draped over the entire ensemble, topping it off with a slouchy knit hat. Voila, you are pleasantly toasty and styling on the streets.

So, what leather handbag from our Clutch NY collection would we suggest for this look? The Clutch NY Team would suggest the Espresso leather Scout Bag as our handbag of choice for this outfit. This would be a leather handbag that would be easy to carry by its handles while your shoulders are draped with a sweater. It would really complement her style and take her even more fashion forward into a cleaner, more modern look and approach. And of course, the colors would be fantastic together, especially those browns and tans.

Remember, style is not purchased, it comes from inside of you! NYC Street Style is born again!

Keep It Clutch!

kisses, Laura Dotolo

Clutch NY

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