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Manufacturing in USA is Hot!

Manufacturing in USA is Hot!

ClutchMade in USA may not be one of the most common labels you will find on apparel or your leather products, but there soon might be a change. Yes, manufacturing in America is the new thing and manufacturing in USA is HOT! Of course we know that the cost of production is way cheaper manufacturing in the east than the west, but certain other factors have come into the limelight which have made American companies revert back to their original roots to manufacture in America.

CHANGE in the Manufacturing temperature:

Every season, fast fashion labels try to spice their image up and make themselves more exclusive to a point that everyone is doing the same thing. The recent masstige concept is a perfect example of this: masstige is a marketing term meaning downward brand extension. Initially H&M started doing collaborations with luxury brands like Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang and now Balmain, to a point that every fast fashion label is coming up with new collaborations every new season. The whole point behind masstige was to make luxury brands accessible to every consumer. But by doing this, the main essence of luxury has become completely lost, to a point that big chunks of consumers have reached the point of saturation with fast fashion. This consumer NOW demands quality goods that are detail oriented which is mainly delivered by products manufactured in a closer proximity to its customer. Brands manufacturing in America are more connected to their clientele, which means brands manufacturing their products thousands of miles are losing their consumer market. By giving more attention to the product, fashion brands from America are developing a concrete base for their clientele by producing in USA.

Manufacturing handbags in USA

Manufacturing in the USA has also put certain dying trends back into the limelight like specialized knitting, lace making, sock manufacturing which is giving consumers more scope to experiencing their product rather than just using them. Production in America is also changing the dynamics of the fashion industry as a whole. By producing products in the same country, production is able to focus on the details, making aspects of personalization and customization more attainable. This in turn makes bespoke a more common concept amongst every American.

One of the biggest and best examples in proving how strong the concept of Manufacturing in America has become is the fashion label American Apparel. Here's why they believe in producing in America: we believe that having manufacturing under the same roof as design, marketing, accounting, retail and distribution gives us the ability to quickly mobilize all departments, to respond directly to changes in the market, and to have complete visibility over our product, start to finish. An added bonus, this business model is inherently sustainable.

Manufacturing in America is not only an efficient method for American companies, but also for the environment. Vertical integration by definition shrinks a company's carbon footprint, as the materials are not shipped back and forth internationally, across thousands of miles, in the production process.

Manufacturing in USA is hot!

Products made in America, in contrast, are made by highly skilled workers, which are considered as friends and family.

When you buy a product made in America, a smaller portion of the margins goes towards fuel, trans-ocean container ships, middlemen, boxes, pallets and entropy. Instead that money goes on paying living wages to workers, higher-quality materials for products, and investing in the brighter future of a company.

In short, Manufacturing in America means heightened efficiency, a better and more consistent quality of work, stronger employee morale, and ultimately, retention rates of skilled operators.

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