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5 Easy Steps to Transition your Production to the USA.

Are you a midsize brand that’s trying to move your production to the United States? Follow our 5 easy steps to transition your manufacturing with us, Clutch Made. We are the one stop shop.

1. Producing in the USA means that your business operations will run much more efficiently. Many mid size brands are coming back from overseas production in countries such as China and India. We’re the factory you can talk to, allowing us to communicate and connect with our clients more quickly and effectively.

2. Do you have all your materials and designs ready? We’ll help you organize your production and put everything together for your manufacturing. Our factory team is proficient and can make everything from backpacks to card


3. While you wait for your productions, we can help your help you manage your business operations. We even have a special social media package which provides videos, photos, branding, and advertisement to further promote and really sell your products. Creating a platform for your accessories is an important factor to showcase the aesthetic of your brand.

4. We also have many problem solving tactics is our specialty. We can solve your production issues in real time. From a shortage of leather to correcting the color of snaps, we’ll step right in and fix any difficulties you are currently facing within your production process.

5.The final step in any production is distribution. Where do you need to send your accessory inventory? To a warehouse? To a fulfillment center?... Not quite sure? We’ll connect you with our vendors! We’ll make sure your production process is streamlined and moving.

These 5 easy steps provided by us, Clutch Made will ensure a smooth transition in your production process. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us at!

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