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Why Buying in the USA Helps Our Economy

So why is buying locally made accessories so important to us at Clutch Bags? New York is a melting pot of cultures and the shopping could not be better. But do you ever stop to consider where your accessories came from? Who made them and how they ended up in a New York City store front? What consumers don't know about their purchases impacts our environment, our economy and our responsibility to better working conditions.

Without even realizing it, by purchasing accessories that are made in the USA, you are directly contributing to the creation of more American jobs. There is a direct impact on companies, factories and manufacturers of USA-made products as well as the people employed in the business or to people supplying services to that company.

It's not just about American manufacturing, it's about the simple fact that American made products are known to be better quality than mass-produced accessories overseas. Every consumer has seen or experienced the low quality of cheaply out sourced products from factories in places like Bangladesh and China. Yes the prices are low, but will they last?

Making in the USA is also more sustainable. Think of all the extra environmental impacts of sourcing accesories from factories half way across the world. Not only are they mass produced but they are done so in an environmentally impactful way, and then transported multiple times fueling even more toxic emissions. Making in the USA means everything is sourced locally, meaning less mass production and less transportation.

Not to mention the ethical concerns revolving around these factories and labour conditions in foreign countries. By mass producing outside of the USA we are essentially accepting that they may not enforce minimum wages, fair conditions or safe working environments. We are willing to exploit these people simply because we do not directly see the impacts. Every consumer purchase of a mass produced accessory simply acknowledges that they don't care for what happens beyond their bubble of empathy.

At Clutch Bags we curate a marketplace for emerging US designers to showcase their wonderfully crafted products, all made in the USA. So look for "Made in the USA" tags on products you purchase and support companies like Clutch Made who manufacture locally.

Head to Clutch Bags Dot Com to check out our latest collections of American made accessories.

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