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How to Prep the Perfect Spring Wardrobe

With companies like Elle releasing Spring trend reports left, right and centre, the team at #clutchbagsdotcom thought we would curate a guide for prepping the perfect Spring wardrobe.

A guide to prepping the perfect Spring wardrobe is to organize by texture, material, and color scheme. We have taken five top Spring trends for 2019 and styled them in different ways with to some handbag styles that work well with each trend.

Try integrating some of these trends into your Spring wardrobe and shop our latest bag on #clutchbagsdotcom.

R U C H I N G & C A N E

This Spring is all about ruched tops and dresses in light silks and satins. Pair with a rattan/cane handbag for the perfect light weight, beachside look.

T R A N S P A R E N C Y & M E T A L L I C S

Everything clear & transparent is a playful trend this summer. From sheer dresses, to clear see-through bags, anything with transparency and layers is perfect for a simple spring look. Pair with the metallic mail bag from Clutch NY.

W H I T E S U I T I N G & B L A C K

Wear a #girlboss look this Spring in a white suit and black backpack. Utilitarian chic with our Shana Luther black bag.

P U F F E D S L E E V E S & B E L T B A G

Continue being a #girlboss by bringing back the Power suit big sleeves with the new 21st century version: puffed sleeves. Play their grandness down with a trendy belt bag like this one from BLK & BLU.

P I N K W I T H R E D & F E M I N I N E

Pair pink with red for the perfect color combo this Spring. Balance out the powerhouse red with a feminine clutch like this Dress For Cocktails statement clutch.

Handbags and accessories play are such a vital part of any wardrobe so don't shy away from being bold & cool with them. Refresh your wardrobe this season with our perfect trend combos and head to #clutchbagsdotcom for more.

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