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#Girlboss Vintage Trend Returns

It was no doubt that in the 80s shoulder pads became a feminist symbol for taking back power in the world of gender spheres. It asserted women and their rights. Made them feel powerful, strong and capable. As well as being a statement look that quickly became a fast growing trend.

Traditionally shoulder pads were only in menswear or mens suiting. So accentuating shoulder pads in feminine clothing began as an act of rebellion. We often forget today that so many clothing pieces or embellishments were the result of a long-lasting and still-present struggle for equal rights among men and women.

Today the team at #clutchbagsdotcom is so proud and ecstatic that this 80s trend is coming back in BIG ways. We have seen the iconic plaid blazer continuously come back as a trend every fall. But during this transitional Spring season the blazer is back and BIGGER than ever. With a nod to the 80s, these blazers are bringing back shoulder pads in an understated way.

Another more feminine and subtle cousin of this trend is the puffed / ruched sleeves which have been donned many times on the Streets of New York, as well as being ever-so-present and popular on social media.

The team at Clutch Bags says bring the bigger & better sleeves back! Let's empower ourselves and other women through our clothing and accessories

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A bag that pairs perfectly with this vintage trend is the essential black work bag. Shop the Janis Lee on #clutchbagsdotcom

& Don't forget, if you're an emerging female designer who makes in the USA, or you know someone who is contact us today to find out how you can be a part of our space for #girlboss women.

Making bags in the USA empowers us all.

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