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Iconic women who inspire our handbag designs

With temperatures soaring into the 80s this week, and blossoms opening like fireworks, we can now watch the parade of street fashion, trends, and inspirational looks that people on the streets are exhibiting. What comes to mind when I do my "street watching" is how stylish people can be, what trends they adopt as their own, and how iconic fashion styles still persist thru every season.

When "shop gawking" at a customer this week who happened to be wearing pink knee-high patent boots with a green-pink floral print sleeveless shift, accompanied by a rhinestone headband adorning her head, I immediately thought of all those fabulous 60's female icons who made this look chic. Of course, this then brought me to this moment and writing about the fashion icons who have influenced the design of Clutch Bags NY. I think most people will agree with my reasoning for selecting the following three women. They have a significant impact on the fashion industry and provide uniqueness in the way they dressed.

But what precisely constitutes a fashion icon?

A prominent individual who develops new trends that permeate fashion culture and become a part of fashion is known as a fashion icon or fashion leader. They set the bar for a fresh look that others might adopt.....over time.

Style Icons

Princess Diana

One of my all-time favorite style icons is Princess Diana. Diana was able to elevate normal, everyday tasks, like doing errands which encouraged others to dress up in their casual clothing. Diana launched a new fashion era in the late 20th century, but her influence as a style icon endures to this day. Diana was aware of the royal dress codes but was not scared to break them. By donning a black ball gown—a traditional color worn by royal women solely during times of mourning—she broke royal protocol. She wore androgynous clothing that inspired many women during this time.

The Coin Clutch goes perfectly with all of her outfits if anyone is looking for inspiration!

coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is recognized as a fashion icon not just for the clothing she designed but also for the way she wore the style she designed, illustrating the purpose for which they were created. She created her wardrobe of basic, attractive gowns in black and white. She advised women to be fashionable without ever sacrificing comfort. Women were inspired by her elegantly informal designs to discard uncomfortable clothing. She helped make women's pants more common and liberated women from the oppression of corsets, among other things. Her sense of fashion will always be influential because it encourages women to be themselves.

The Envelope Clutch is elegant and goes perfectly with her style.

Audrey Hepburn

Ever since her appearance in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" came to light, Audrey Hepburn has become a fashion icon. I strongly recommend watching that movie if you haven't already, as it is a real cinema classic. Her attire in the film became very distinctive and eventually, quite recognizable as the Audry Hepburn look. Many individuals were influenced by her style. Hepburn frequently used a neutral palette of pink, beige, black, and white that drew attention to the deeper colors in her eyes and hair. Her distinctiveness and unique style will serve as a source of inspiration for many.

The Silver Evening Clutch fits perfectly with her Style!

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