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local designers & brands to follow

Of course we know how important it is to shop and support small, locally producing businesses. But do we ever stop to think about why, who and where we can support them? In the COVID-era it can seem hard to rally support when we are all going through such uncertain change, but that is exactly why the team at #clutchbagsdotcom decided to put together a culmination of some of the #girlboss designers and brands we are following, supporting and loving on right now. After all, it's so important to support these businesses, and not just to help them. Small businesses that are female founded, like the list you'll find below do so much more than promote female empowerment and being a #girlboss. Locally designed, sourced and produced companies like these are paving the way for a new revolution of consumerism, one that is founded in prioritising local vendors, ethical labor and sustainable processes. Not only that, but these businesses help to single handedly boost our economies, both locally and nationally.

So now more than ever, don't hesitate to splash some cash in the direction of small businesses that are making a difference - and hey - treat yourself to some goodies that are as feel good as their impact. We have highlighted some of our favorites below.

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