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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

On Clutch Made Factory this week, we posted a blog on maker Nadia Robinson. The young female entrepreneur represents a new wave and generation of emerging designers under 30 who are focussing on ethical, sustainable and local production. It comes as no surprise that emerging designers have been the focus of media and consumers in the last two years. A New York Times article talks about emerging designers to follow, one of many articles that emphasises the trend of young designers taking over the fashion industry that is so set in its ways.

At both Clutch Made Factory and Clutch Bags Dot Com, we have seen this shift in the last two years, as we have had more and more young designers come to us with an accessory design, or a product to sell. This is a strong promise for the future of fashion, as the current industry revolves around fast fashion, trends and mass production. It's refreshing to see waves of younger designers who have strong values and very clear missions for their brands.

Emphasising slow fashion by making in the USA is incredibly important, offering quality, exclusivity, sustainability and ethically made products. In the long run, this will not only improve fashions impact on resources, but it will improve the environment, human health and our economy by making locally.

As consumers we should start accepting that emerging designers are the future of fashion, and by supporting them, following them and buying from them we are changing the fashion industry at large.

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