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Transparency and fairness: Our Core values in clutch bag manufacturing

As you might have seen on our website, we are a small business that works to create the best experience for our customers. However, the decisions we make in terms of accessories, marketing strategies, or team management, are all guided by our values. When you purchase a handbag from Clutch Bags, you also purchase what we believe is important for the world to become a better place – you are taking with you all of our stories. Read the text below to learn more about Clutch Bag’s values and what makes us unique!

Ethically-made Accessories

One of our biggest conversations at Clutch Bags NY is our process behind the scenes of a woman-owned business. Recently we shared in our Instagram profile a report from Sourcing Journal showing a garment worker protest that erupted in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The protests have been focused on demanding higher living wages.

Bangladesh's 3,500 garment factories supply labor for many of the world's top names in fashion, including Levi's, Zara, and H&M. As long as big fashion brands keep exploiting human labor, there will still be unsustainable conditions of wages and living which equal nice cheap prices at retail for consumers. That is the price that is paid. If cheap goods made by using unfair labor don't keep you up at night, then we guess is that either you are uninformed or your values are aligned with unsustainably produced goods.

At Clutch Bags NY we prioritize safe and fair conditions for all our employees and only patronize vendors who do the same for theirs. All of our associates have their own lives and bring their own stories to the making of our collection. A handbag is made by quite a few pairs of hands and a lot of stories, and we hope it ends up in another special person’s hands that will keep alive the values we believe in, telling their own stories.

Sustainable production with Upcycled-material

Besides the human practices of our work as a brand – that should be common to all garment factories around the world – we prioritize sustainability as a core brand value and integrate it seamlessly into our fashion designs.

All of our accessories are crafted from upcycled materials and manufactured in the United States.

When we create clothing or accessories using upcycled materials, we are using fabric, leather, or hardware that has been repurposed from existing materials that might otherwise have been thrown away. This helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability in fashion. It is salvaging overstock raw materials.

Gift with Values for 2024

Beginning with this new year of 2024, remember to keep with your values when shopping for gifts for your loved ones.

With Clutch Bags you won’t buy just a Clutch, you will also keep our values alive, empowering small businesses and

woman-owned that work hard to make a difference in the world.

Click HERE to check out our selection of bags! Shop for the perfect accessories throughout the year -- support locally-made sustainable gifts for years to come!

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