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Shop Consciously this Black Friday –keep it made in NYC

Black Fold-over Clutch
Black Fold-over Clutch/ Available at:

The Holiday Season is the most wonderful time of the year when we can give our loved ones heartfelt gifts that show just how much we care. Furthermore, Black Friday is coming! As you embark upon your holiday shopping adventures, why not choose something that is not only versatile and chic but also a true reflection of your personal style and values? Let's make this year's gift-giving experience a conscious effort to truly represent who we are.

Reduce Environmental Impact

We commonly get to hear the question – why choose locally-made brands instead of the big brands on Black Friday? Aren’t they doing the same job?

No, they’re not. The big brands produce a thousand products every day and are not concerned about environmental damage, while local brands tend to be more thoughtful about their manufacturing process, and considerate of the quality and quantity that is being produced.

As we already discussed in our latest blog Why Embrace Conscious Consumerism? Differences between the larger brands as compared to the smaller more local brands are that local manufacturing brand owners tend to have more access to the manufacturing process and will be aware of the comings and goings during every step of the process, also making it more transparent to their customers.

Support Economic Development

Choosing to buy from a locally made brand instead of a multinational brand is preferable in order to benefit your own country’s economy.

When we’re talking about fashion brands, there will be a need to hire tailors, designers, and finally, product photographers and website designers to get the accessory and fashion sold.

Thus, if you're developing a North American brand, you will ideally hire North American people, this way all the wages your employees earn will be cycled into to the US economy and local community.

Keep it versatile, keep it style – keep it Clutch!

The Black Envelope Clutch
The Black Envelope Clutch/ Available at:

In addition to what we previously mentioned in this blog, Clutch Bags reolve itself to producing versatile as well as quality accessories.

It is easy to find accessories that don't wear well for more than a single season, which goes against a conscious mindset and, consequently, against Clutch Bags’ mindset.

Every single one of our accessories is made from upcycled high-quality materials, that will last for years in your closet. Moreover, they are designed to be versatile and timeless, adaptable to different occasions.

To start your holiday shopping now, take advantage of our special pre-Black Friday promo! On our shop page use the code “BLACK55” to purchase a Clutch for only $55!

Get the fall rolling! CLICK HERE to get yours now!!

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