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style up your mask

In case you missed it, masks are the new biggest and safest accessory trend. Masks were all the rage on runways in 2020, being labelled as 'the next big thing'. For designers, adapting to include masks in their accessory lines, meant the protective tool turned into a key piece in anyone's wardrobe. From cloth to silk and even face shields, the accessory piece has been redesigned to envision a future of fashion in 2021. Some neutral, some bold - here's how to style up your mask this season. Inspired by the many blogs that have outlined how to wear masks to style up your outfits, the team at #clutchbagsdotcom decided to write on how you can style up your mask and shop our latest accessory pieces.

Make a Statement

Make a Mask statement with a fun and unique face covering that compliments or clashes with your wardrobe. Think large graphic prints, fun playful materials and innovative ways to stay safe this season. Shop our Eve Mask with detachable chain for comfort, style and practicality all in one!

Make it Monochrome

Tie any look together with a monochrome mask, perfect for winter. You can shop our Monochrome denim mask on Clutch Bags. The denim makes it a breathable but sturdy mask for the colder winter months.

Make it Match

Perhaps one of our favorite combos, match your outfit or print to your mask. Be bold and stand out with our matching tote and denim mask combo bundle for just $85 from Clutch Bags.

Shop the rest of our locally made designers and products on Clutch Bags dot com!

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