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Sustainable makeup brands from the USA to fill your clutch with!

To explore the world of natural makeup and skincare, we searched for some sustainable makeup brands from the USA we recommend you to always carry in your clutch. Clutch Bags creates accessories in an ethical and sustainable way, our products are created from upcycling – which makes our stock limited, unique and exclusive. Therefore, we support other sustainble locally made brands. Then, for clean and eco-friendly skincare and make up tips, read the Clutch suggestion's in this article!

1.Root Eco-beauty

Root Eco-beauty offers natural and nontoxic eco beauty products. The products are ethically sourced with organic, vegan and gluten-free ingredients. One of Roots Summer’s bestseller items is the Glossy Vegan Lip Oil, available in six colors. Lip Oil is something you should always carry in your everyday bag, isn’t it?

Thus, to go to work and stay out the entire day, we recommend you to style a beautiful outfit with the Wristled Clutch - fill it with the Root Eco-beauty Lip Oil. It has enough space to fill it with makeup, your credit card, car keys and a scrunchie. Stay functional and stylish!

2. Heliotrope | Natural Skincare

Heliotrope provides individualized natural skincare service consultation, creating aromatherapy blends, using all-natural, undiluted essential oils for each client. They produce natural, fresh and personalized skin care items for men and women. The brand offers face, body and hair products, such as shaving and beard specific items.

If you want to take a body lotion from Heliotrope for a quick trip - maybe spending the weekend outside the city - we have the perfect solution: the crossbody bag, which strepless becames into a toilet bag. You can carry either body lotion, shampoo, face moisturizing and some makeup in this capacious bag.

3. Lena Rose Beauty

As well as Clutch Bags, Lena Rose Beauty is a woman owned business in growth. Lena offers clean non-toxic products and also a SPA service. One of their brand values is enhancing the skincare rituals of self-care.

Lena Rose Beauty SPA provides nail, face and body, hair and makeup treatments. What about presenting yourself with a SPA day?

Book an appointment, put on a nice dress and enjoy yourself! We recommend you to take with the fold over clutch; available in black and white, it will make your outfit even greater with being functional. Relax, take your time and stays comfortable with your outfit and accessories.

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