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the virtual brand experience

The CFDA and cultural fashion institutions alike have been self reflecting on what this technology driven era means for the industry at large, and the smaller brands that exist within it. This new virtual marketing and branding world is a large shift for many companies to make. It's hard to imagine how we can connect as seamlessly and meaningfully to consumers in the same we could when events, gatherings and human connection were possible.

When the CFDA sat down with the Gathery, some timely advice for brands struggling through experiential marketing was dolled. So what does the team at #clutchbags have to say about the virtual experience USA made designers can be creating whilst socially distanced? No matter where you are in the USA, there are still meaningful brand building blocks you can be taking to cultivate audiences, connect with your consumer and sell your product or services.

With a unique position in the market, American made products can have a plethora of touchpoints to consumers to successfully sell their brand. In this new contactless environment the virtual aspects of your brand is required to excel. The basic entry points for this would be getting your social media and websites in order. We suggest connecting Instagram and Facebook, as well as using these platforms to sell on. This makes your product more direct to consumer than selling through a website that directs the consumer out of your social media.

Whilst human connection may no longer be physical for a while, it's so important to create that sense of community, tactility and experience. There are so many ways these successful virtual experiences can be implemented, from virtual webinars, interviews, IGTV lives, reels, more engaging video content, and by amplifying your consumers and interacting with them virtually. Technology is now an extension of our branding, so each company has to work out where their consumers exist online whether it's engaging them through blogs, talking to them via Youtube or connecting via social media. Wherever the conversations worth having exist, that's where brands need to insert and amplify their voices, their message and their product.

Are you looking to find a fully experiential marketing experience online? We have a new curated platform for any #girlboss designers making locally across the globe. Connect with us today by emailing

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