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The Benefits of Timeless Accessories

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Woman with a bag
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Versatile Handbags and Accessories last forever.

Almost everybody has experienced a situation of looking through their closets with racks of clothes and thinking, I still don’t have anything to wear. Sometimes the case might be that you have a lot of different clothes that just do not work with each other. Perhaps the point of purchasing a wardrobe has gotten lost along the shopping way. Maybe you have shopped some of them during a fashion trend and now that the trend is over, it doesn’t make sense to wear them at all. A good way to avoid this kind of situation, and also be sure that you're well dressed anytime you feel the need, is to invest in timeless essentials. This advice applies particularly to the world of accessories. If you are not familiar with the concept, this article will explain it in detail and discuss the benefits of having timeless accessories.

What is a timeless accessory?

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There are no big rules: a timeless accessory is any accessory that can be used for a long time and has longevity. For this to happen, the accessory design holds some important characteristics, the first of which is durability. Buying an accessory made from a good material will prevent it from being damaged with time, so it will last longer in your closet. Usually, accessories made from good materials cost more, which is expected, as good materials are expensive, and also the process to make it will follow suit. This takes us to the second characteristic of timeless items: the cost-benefit.

Expensive VS Cheap accessories - which one to choose?

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At that moment, you’re probably thinking that maybe expensive things aren’t for you, and you better buy something less durable, which is usually cheaper. And that can make sense, but not for too long. For example, if in a time-space of five years, you buy a cheap bag, made from a low-cost material, it will probably be made from a nondurable material. Maybe it will start looking damaged in a year of use. So, you will need to then replace it, and in turn, you will need to buy another bag - and if again you buy a cheap bag, made from an inferior material, it will also be damaged in about a year.

That leads us to the result that in 5 years you are probably going to buy at least 3 bags. And you are going to spend three times the amount of money you spent on the first bag, making the cost-benefit low. If the bag costs $5o, by the end of five years, you will have spent $150 buying three of them. If you buy a bag that costs $150 but is made from a quality material, it will probably last longer and you won’t need to buy another one. So, you’re going to spend basically the same amount of money, but with long-term purchasing of quality, well-made durable accessories in the front of your mind.

Timeless style, is it possible?

By now, if you’re convinced that buying a more expensive accessory is worth it compared to buying a cheaper one, you’re going to ask yourself how you can buy an accessory that holds its style over time. That is the third important item of timeless accessories - make good choices that can fit in different situations and fashion trends won’t be that relevant. We've talked about this in more detail in previous blog posts from Clutch Bags NY.

Take a look at the trending models and celebs who are on the covers of magazines in 2023. You’re going to run into some fashion essentials that seem to pop up month after month, reinvented pieces that, if you had purchased quality pieces 5 years ago, you could still make look good in the style world of 2023. Some of those items for this year's "trends", which we have seen in many years past, just now reinvented, have included leather jackets, loafers, cross-body bags, black blazers, and basic belts. Keep this in mind when shopping for essentials.

Timeless handbags

When we talk about handbags, timeless handbags are even easier to style. Always bet on black, white, and silver colors in handbags and you’ll be able to match your bags with almost anything from your closet. And if you like to use colors, that’s not a problem at all. Different colors and prints can also work on timeless accessories especially if the shape of the handbag remains classical and versatile.

Let's talk about the durability of handbags, as it’s easier to take care of a handbag than a pair of shoes or even a jacket. That’s due to the fact that even though you’re using a bag every day, you’re not using it all the time. Once you get in the office, it rests on a table; or when you get home, you may keep it in the closet. Clothes work differently because once you’re out with a pair of shoes, you’re going to wear those shoes the entire day, with natural, everyday wear damaging them slowly.

After all this discussion, the final reasons why you should invest in timeless accessories are simple; cost, durability, and style. With Clutch Bag NY, we only design timeless accessories, keeping in mind the sustainability of the process, besides the user experience of our clients. Visit our shop page to see many options!

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