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where to take your cash&carry in nyc

If you live in NYC you know that #girlboss women in the city are always on the go. From work to party, they need accessories that run around with them. They need style and practicality all in one. That's where the iconic silhouette of the cash & carry comes into play. Our recent launch from Clutch NY can be carried on the go and its 6 in 1 style can be adapted to take you from day to night. For example, carrying it as a crossbody throughout the day, you can switch it up at night to an under the arm carry bag OR clutch.

So with the versatility of this Clutch Bags Dot Com bag in mind, the Clutch Bags team sat down this week to bring you four of our favorite places to wine & dine in NYC. Grab your cash&carry and head out the door this weekend, the perfect bag for on the go.

[from left to right]

1. While We were youngwebsite

2. Jacks wife freda website

3. Lou Lou website

4. banter website

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