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Why You Should Shop Small For The Holidays?

Holiday season is almost here once again, and with it comes the great question of what gifts you should give to your loved ones. Most people want to give something remarkable to the person being gifted – that is why we urge you to shop small for the Holidays.

When you shop local, the chances are that you will find a unique gift that will last longer than something that is mass-produced by big corporations. Plus, there are the socio-economical and environmental aspects that you should also keep in mind. During the pandemics the interest regarding conscious shopping has risen – people are starting to take notes of where each of their products are being produced, the impact of the materials on the environment and if the manufacturer offers fair labor conditions to their workers.

Unfortunately, when you buy mass-produced products, it is harder to guarantee that your gift isn’t a product of exploitation – an occurrence that is sadly common to big companies. When you support small businesses, you make a better decision about adopting a more conscious lifestyle, since most of the times the workers are paid fairly – which might increase the cost of the product, but with it comes the certainty that you are not contributing to the unfair pay wages and labor conditions of many people.

Shopping local also creates more local hiring opportunities and helps with job stability within in your community. According to a study by Michigan State University, small local businesses are the largest employers nationally, employing 52% of the nation's employees and creating two out of every three new jobs.

So, this holiday season, check your favorite local shops when shopping for gifts. You can also check our gift suggestions page if you’re looking for high quality USA made accessories that are made sustainably from upcycled materials.

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