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Naheed Vadsaria identifies herself as an independent and conscientious Pakistani-American, which is why her bag is made with red, white and blue signifying courage, prosperity and valor.


Her handbags have a place to hold your precious items such as cash, credit cards, smart phones, iPads, and books!

Naheed’s collection “Vadsaria” is a brand for women that positively represent different nationalities, by designing handbags with colors that represent flags of different countries.


Naheed travels abroad extensively for leisure and also for philanthropic endeavors in different parts of Africa and South Asia. She is an entrepreneur with a cause and wants her brand to reflect it!

​“Each woman should carry their handbag with confidence, and hold their head up with pride.”

Naheed Vadsaria



Washington D.C.

​“Traveling the world and experiencing the many different cultures is what inspires me.”  

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