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Clutch Bags New York works to create accessories in an ethical and sustainable way. Our products are created from upcycling – which makes our stock limited, unique and exclusive. Our goal is to integrate your style with more than just accessories – each Clutch Bags New York product is made up of different stories, styles, and paths. Our inspiration comes from the American metropolis, the chance encounters that take place in this city and the little treasures that can be found around every corner. We hope that just as our products tell stories, they can also become part of yours.

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New York is our muse and that is no news. One of our biggest inspirations is the one only city where everything that CBNY is was created. We are inspired everyday by New York's culture,  lifestyle and it's people - that is why it makes total sense for our products to be made here as well.

Clutch Bags New York is proudly made in USA, but we can guarantee that our accessories are perfect for anyone, anywhere in the world that wants enhance their own personal style. Don't wait any longer and add a little touch of New York to your wardrobe with our accessories!


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We believe that fashion should be linked with a conscious mindset. At Clutch Bags NY, we take our commitment to the environment seriously. We strive to be sustainable by adhering to three key principles: Locally Made, Quality Materials, and Style Versatility.


  • MANUFACTURING LOCALLY: Firstly, we manufacture where we have our headquarters and office, in the heart of NYC. This cuts down on waste, carbon emissions, the list goes on!


  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Secondly, we reduce waste by making accessories with high-quality materials so that the products hold up for years and are not thrown into a landfill because of broken zippers or tearing. Second, we reuse materials whenever possible, including repurposing old fabrics and accessories.


  • STYLE VERSATILITY: Lastly, we design bags that are versatile and classic, so they can be used for many different purposes, worn to many different events, and provide enduring style that you can wear for years to come, and never look out of date.

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