Laura Dotolo, made in USA accessories


Supporting sustainable and local businesses is becoming increasingly important so that we can make conscious choices when consuming and buying new products. At Clutch Bags we facilitate a space for emerging designers who make accessories locally to be seen and heard. We work with a variety of brands that want more than another accessory - our brands make a statement. The culmination of designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling creates a shopping site dedicated to helping you find the perfect accessories, created right here in New York City.


Clutch Bags is a natural extension of everything Laura Dotolo has been doing in her own design career over the last 25 years in New York City.

As a stylist , Laura noticed how handbags and accessories had become less about a woman’s personal style and more about oversized logos, garish bling and signature patterns. She wanted to revitalize the marketplace, giving women the choice of chic, simple and tasteful designs. Her goal; to create designs that will outlast any trend or fad. With a focus on clean, classic and utilitarian style and timeless design, Clutch NY was born. With the city as her muse, Clutch NY accessories have become the perfect fit for the New York woman on-the-go.


Having our Clutch Made Factory at the heart of the Garment District in New York City means we are constantly inspired by the design district that surrounds us. This was reason enough to begin our online marketplace; to showcase to our customers around the world the wonderful designs that are made in the USA.

Not only have we worked with designers to fulfill their dreams of creating handbags and accessories, but we have created a marketplace for these designers to showcase and sell their products.


Clutch Bags NY represents what making in the USA is all about. Our marketplace is where our designers can offer the world the talent and style that is the USA. Making USA style available to the customer is what we do.