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At Clutch Bags New York we know that each person has their own unique style essence. That is why each of our accessories is special in the own way. We believe that fashion can be an important tool for your own self-expression, and we strive to design accessories that represent your own style.


We also believe that fashion should be linked with a conscious mindset. It is easy to find accessories that don't last for more than a single season (meaning that the environmental damages most likely come from an irresponsible manufacturing method + waste generated afterwards by a product that cannot be used properly). That is why each and every single one of our products are made from upcycled high quality materials.

That means that all of our products are limited edition and unique in their own way - but perfect for you, regardless.

sustainable &

made in


New York is our muse and that is no news. One of our biggest inspirations is the one only city where everything that CBNY is was created. We are inspired everyday by New York's culture,  lifestyle and it's people - that is why it makes total sense for our products to be made here as well.

Clutch Bags New York is proudly made in USA, but we can guarantee that our accessories are perfect for anyone, anywhere in the world that wants enhance their own personal style. Don't wait any longer and add a little touch of New York to your wardrobe with our accessories!

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