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What Inspires Our USA Made Accessories

As we all know, every design is inspired by a designer's life. So at Clutch Bags New York, we want to share the inspiration from our designs and give you a taste of where our inspirations come from. It's no secret that our accessories are made for living and have unique designs that you can take anywhere you go. We thought it would be fun to share our inspiration for creating ur chic and timeless accessories - which comes from various cultural icons.



It is undoubtedly true that the American cinema influences our culture and has been the source of inspiration for people all over the world. The movie industry is with glamour, beauty, romance, fashion, and, of course: stars! We take inspiration in the fabulous style of iconic Hollywood actresses to create timeless designs.


You can find inspiration wherever you go - and we firmly believe that. That is why we are heavily inspired by the place where Clutch Bags was created: New York, the city that never sleeps and capital of fashion trends.





Color and movement are everywhere you go and everywhere you look. From colorful flowers to the movement of a curtain that is blown by the wind, we take inspiration by everything that reminds us life is happening - and it is fun!

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