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Wristlet Clutch

Wristlet Clutch


Clutch New York

Wristlet Clutch


The wristlet bag was designed out of necessity. It has all the pockets and benefits of a wallet plus some, like to fit and carry a phone, a lipstick, some gum. It also is the perfect size of a bag to add just enough luxe to the design without breaking the bank—so you get the touch of lovely. The mix of the suede and metallic lambskin is a treat. How many bags have a lining of leather? So, when your hand goes in, it feels just as good on the inside as the outside. As well it should.

It is a bag that you can carry out at night on its own, or pop inside another bag and use as a wallet, jewelry bag or coupon collector. Whatever purpose you find for it, there will be one. Chances are you will use it all the time. And its locally made in the USA, so you really have no excuses.