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Clutch Bags New York
Gift Suggestions

The holiday season is a time for sweaters, sparkles, cheer, and of course, giving gifts. If you have a lengthy list of loved ones to buy gifts for this year, we have the best gifting suggestions. Are you buying something for a fashionista who adores up to the minute fashion accessories? Or perhaps are you looking for a special gift for someone to carry for years to come? We have edited our collection of the best gifts for every woman in your life.  Best of all - everything is sustainable & ethically made in the heart of NYC.

Fold-over Clutch $125
Coin Clutch $125


Finding the best gifts for mom can be both the easiest task and the hardest. She'll love you no matter what - but at the same time, it can be overwhelming to find a gift for your special mom. This is why we have edited a selection of five bag styles that are the perfect present for your mom. Whether she is a modern woman who is always on the go or a more traditional woman who prefers a practical style, our bag selections will be the perfect gift for her.

Evening Clutch $85
Envelope Clutch $150
Wristlet Clutch $95


Whatever you call your best friends —bestie, ride-or-die, or BFF—there's nothing like the perfect gift to demonstrate just how much you appreciate them. Best friends are just like soulmates - they support you through your highs and lows. This is why when you are looking for a gift for a friend it is important to look for something that is special. So, we've edited a nice collection of friend gifts for you here - from our convenient Card Envelope to our stylish Chain-link Necklace there's something for every friend in your life.



When you have a sister, you automatically have a best friend and partner-in-crime for life. Sometimes it's not only about family bonds, but also the strong bonds you build as sisters over time. Finding the perfect gifts for your best friend, your sister, and even your sister-in-law can be challenging - so, check out our gift suggestions below for the special ladies in your life.

Maxi Tote $325
Chain-link Necklace
Cash & Carry $125
Wristlet Clutch $195
Glasses Pouch $165


Whether she's your daughter-in-law, your child or someone who is just like a daughter for you, finding a special present can sometimes be a daunting task. We selected a collection of USA made accessories that will be perfect for your daughter. See our suggestions for some unique and lasting gift ideas.

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