Elsa Balestrino likes to return home from the beach feeling clean and dry. So, she decided to create a soft, stylish, eco-friendly beach  towel with an antibacterial hood  that would keep the towel from sliding off beach chairs - the Beach Bacc was then developed and born. 

​Elsa is inspired by nature and all things water, and she incorporates these modern, strong colors into her designs a well as into the materials she uses. The Beach BACC towel is made of luxurious bamboo velour, which is light in weight, silky in touch, quick drying and biodegradable!

Elsa is also an advocate of a healthier way of living: “people should aim for creating healthy habits, not restrictions”.

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Elsa Balestrino



New York City

“You don’t get what you wish for. You get what you work for.”

“The beach towel that doesn’t slip when you drip”

Beach BACC Towel

Beach BACC Towel

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