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How To Carry a Clutch Bag

How To Carry a Clutch Bag

How to carry a clutch bag. You may think that this is a topic that should not even be addressed. I mean, really, do women need to be educated on how to carry a clutch bag? A woman, the one species on this planet who has natural accessorizing instincts needs to be told how to carry a clutch bag? Well, myself and my team at Clutch NY thought about this. We realized that you do not see clutch bags on the streets or in women’s hands as much as you see other styles of handbags and purses. Why is this? We think it is because women need some coaching on how to handle a clutch bag. Well, lets begin with the basics.

Step 1: Always try and carry a clutch that you feel comfortable holding. Start by getting use to carrying a bag in your hand all of the time. This takes a bit of getting use to. No, you cannot throw the strap over your shoulder and be done with it; and no, it does not strap to your back for a day of hiking around a grocery store or taking a train. With a clutch bag you are thoroughly and utterly committed to carrying a handbag. And a hand bag it is.

Step 2: Take a trip to your nearest accessory boutique/department and try on some clutch bags. How do you do this you might ask? Start by just picking up some “day” looking clutches and walk around the floor with them in your hand. Try to be committed and not put the bag down. I think this is a woman’s biggest fear for carrying a clutch bag; forgetting she put the bag down somewhere and then walking away. Try a variety of clutches, open them up. Try and fit your wallet and other small necessities inside of it. See how the bag looks with your “stuff” inside. Place the bag under your arm, in your hand, clutch it in front of you, hold it in one hand and swing it. This should be enough of a styling test that you are starting to get the hang of carrying a clutch bag.

Step 3: Purchase the clutch bag that works the best as a day clutch. Take it home and put together a chic outfit that is styled all around your new accessory. Head out the door to do some errands. Isn’t it nice that the bag is actually so small, easy to carry and get “in and out” of? No straps, or handles to get tangled in.

So, this was your easy “how to carry a clutch bag” lesson. Honestly, the more you begin to carry a clutch bag around, the more you get use to how to carry a clutch bag. Practice does make perfect, and in this case, practice will grant you style and ease.

Hint: a great day time clutch to practice with: the Lunch Bag from Clutch NY.

Keep it Clutch!

Laura and the Clutch NY Team!

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