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Clutch Inspiration

Clutch Inspiration

Clutch inspiration happens everyday on the streets of New York City. It is such a common occurrence, that sometimes you forget that it is happening all around you. You forget so much that you tend to take it for granted. Then one day, you walk into an Italian Leather fair taking place in NYC, and a sunset spectrum display of colorful leathers hanging like a Mark Rothko on the wall catches your attention and you are inspired all over again. At times, while walking on the streets, you are inspired by what people are wearing, what people are saying, their leather handbags, their shoes, their friends. New York City is a wonderland of inspiration, and for me as a handbag designer, that is one of the biggest draws of this city.

As far as coming across inspiration for what I call “Clutch inspiration”, it would have to be more of a spontaneous “run-in” for me. I tend to just put myself in situations and then am just inspired by what I see. It is actually quite invigorating when something strikes me the right way. It is usually something I have never seen before, so the combination of it with something else, or the environment it is in, really makes me feel inspired to make something. That is the key. I am moved to make something and to create when I am inspired.

I love NYC. And everyday I am reminded of the wealth of inspiration that this city holds, ready for me to unlock at every corner’s turn, so that I can unveil the precious inspiration from my soul to create something great. And that is where the clutch inspiration comes from for the Clutch NY collection of fantastic leather handbags!

Keep it Clutch Inspiration!!

Laura Dotolo

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