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Clutch Makeup Bag

Clutch Makeup Bag

The Clutch Makeup Bag is one of the most popular leather clutches in the Clutch Bags New York Collection. And why might this be? Well, maybe because the bag is just so cute and easy to carry. Quite possibly it could be becausethis bag just never looks out of style or fashion. The makeup bag is artisanally whipstitched, so you know you are holding something in your hand that is special. Whipstitching, by the way is pretty awesome. It is definitely a detail that goes in and out of vogue, but has been consistent within the realms of fashion accessories for years. Whipstitching has most definitely become a classic detail, as it signifies a bit of bohemian, cool hand made chic that in this era of machine made China, IS REALLY SPECIAL.

So, lets move on to the review of this little number, shall we? What we have here is just a great little bag. Grab when you run out the door, or plan on wearing it with those leather jeans and that big knit turtle neck sweater that you have picked out for lunch with friends. Try putting your phone, keys and card wallet inside it. PERFECT! The size of this bag seems to be ideal for just about any little object that needs to have a home. What about lipstick? and blush, and foundation, and mascara, and WOW! This is where the makeup part of the bag comes into play. What an ideal size and cool look for a makeup bag. How many people carry around a leather makeup bag? Usually makeup bags are nylon or vinyl or plain plastic. But leather? and whipstitched? The makeup bag form Clutch NY is definitely the clutch bag to have.

Try and put this bag in another leather handbag for the day. What do you realize.? You realize that this little bag fits easily, steadfast and true, into other bags. How easy and efficient it is!

Want to give it a try? Click on the makeup bag right here. Order it, try it out, then email me and let me know what you thought. I would love to hear your thoughts on this great little clutch makeup bag.


Remember to Keep it Real and Keep it Clutch!


Laura Dotolo

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