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Leather Scout Bag Review

Leather Scout Bag Review

The Leather Scout bag form Clutch NY happens to be one of the smartest, best looking and practical leather tote handbags on the market. And why do you think this is? Read on a bit further and we will tell you all the great features of this fabulous leather handbag from the Clutch NY collection. Firstly, the espresso leather Scout Bag from Clutch NY is made from the most supple cowhide on the leather market. All you have to do is to hold this handbag and feel the softness of the leather and the smoothness of the finish. The handles are covered in the same espresso cowhide, which makes the bag feel great in your hands or over your shoulder. Yes, the two handled straps are long enough to put over your shoulders, a definite plus when your hands are full.

Secondly, this leather handbag has a drawstring closure, as well as a magnetic snap closure. This is ideal when you are going in and out of your bag and you want to make it an easy entry and exit with the magnetic.

However, the option of the drawstring makes it even more secure, especially if you need to stow your handbag below the seat in front of you or put it in an overhead compartment; nothing will escape from the purse!

Thirdly, this leather Scout Bag has an exterior pocket that zips shut. Another testimonial to the easy in and out a secure closure. Nothing beats a zipper closure on the exterior of the bag. Of course, the handbag has an interior zipper pocket as well, so you have lots of room.

Lastly, this leather purse is roomy enough to cruise with you during your busy day and carry anything extra you need to haul, including an iPad or a 13″ computer, just know there is definitely room. Watch the Scout Bag transition into the evening, with its smooth lines, softness and lovely leather sheen. It is dressed for the occasion if you do not have time to switch out bags from day to evening. Keep in mind that the Scout Bag will work with you into the evening’s entertainment.

Of course, let us not forget the best selling point of all for the Scout Bag from Clutch NY. This leather handbag as well as all the bags in the Clutch NY collection are Made in the USA. You cannot beat that!

Keep it Clutch!


Laura Dotolo

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