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Urban Luggage in NYC

Urban Luggage in NYC

Urban luggage seems to be the newest catch phrase for handbags, totes, clutches and just about any bags you carry at the same time throughout the day. This completely makes sense, as now on the streets, more than ever, every person carries at least one bag if not two or three. What is happening here? Well, the Clutch NY team wanted to tell you what this trend is that we are seeing. Have you noticed that people are getting tired of plastic bags? All we keep hearing about is how there are so many plastic bags in the world that soon we will be drowning in plastic bags! Ok, this is a bit exaggerated, we know. But plastic bags are becoming a definite nuisance, as a waste product and as a bag in general.

So, what is taking the place of this over population of plastic bags? Well, how about all the reusable tote bags and grocery bags that we are seeing everywhere? People are beginning to pick up on this trend of using reusable bags for errands, groceries, and for the gym.

The Clutch NY team thought that maybe we would propose a new idea or trend to the handbag, tote caring, schlepping demographic out there and help to promote the coined phrase “Urban Luggage”.

Clutch NY’s Urban Luggage Collection

What exactly is urban luggage you say? Urban luggage is now becoming the better looking, better designed, more streamlined and coordinated purses, handbags, totes, lunch bags, grocery bags, computer bags, duffles, gym bags, briefcases and clutches that one carries around during one given day, all at the same time!

Urban luggage is the actual “set” of bags that all work together to make the function and the utilitarian duties of the day look better, while functioning seamlessly. Check out Clutch NY’s Urban Luggage collection here.

Wow! What a tall order! What do you think about this? Let us know what you are seeing on the streets and what you are finding at the stores. Are you being creative when you are styling out your urban luggage for the day into the evening, into the grocery store, into the market, into the gym? Are you able to find leather handbags, totes and purses that work together? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave your comments on the FB page at posting time.

Remember to Keep It Clutch!

Great Energy your way!

Laura Dotolo

Clutch NY

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