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Spring Styles

Spring Styles

Spring Styles are starting to become apparent now that the weather has changed and warmed up. Women are finally able to take off those heavy coats and leather knee high boots and reveal a bit of their feminine side. And let me tell you ladies, this is a very feminine spring! Today in NYC the temperature rose up to 70 degrees. Now, if you live in sunny San Diego, you are thinking that 70 degrees is not a big deal. But let me tell you that winter in NYC this year felt like it was 12 years long. It has been so chilly for the last 6 months that I think New Yorkers have almost forgotten what it feels like to have some warm sun splashing down on our faces as we walk through the city streets. Wow, what a great feeling it is.

And what a great feeling it is to now people watch. Spring styles are beginning to unleash themselves throughout the city and there is so much people watching to be done that everyone’s heads are turning like owls. I was walking down Broadway today when a woman was approaching me with what appeared to be completely bare legs and very short shorts trimmed in pom poms. Was I seeing things? Could it be? She had great legs, but the short shorts were pushing the envelope just a bit. The added poms poms made it feel as if she had just gotten in to JFK from Hawaii and did not have time to change. As she passed, I could not help noticing the older business looking man who was walking briskly about 50 feet behind her, unable to slow down or take his eyes off of the back view of her shorts. His tongue was almost hanging out of his mouth. The best part was he was old enough to be her father. The look of excitement that lay across his face was unimaginable. He had died and gone to heaven. The pom poms on her shorts had mesmerized him so badly that he was attempting to follow her throughout her day. Good luck there.

This little scenario pretty much sums up what you will be seeing everywhere you look this spring. Spring coats are actually huge for spring this year. Leather clutches are making a grand entrance and are really being applied to outfits for day and evening. So many lengths and great colors and fabrics. This is a wonderful time to pull those spring coats out of your closet that you may have been saving for the past 5 seasons and make use of them. Pair the coat with a legging or tight fitting trouser and a fabulous heel and you are looking so very feminine, you will not even recognize yourself.

And yes, one of my biggest peeves is in style this season. Amy, our social media director, has heard it from me time and time again, “Please, no jeans anywhere on our pages! I have had enough of jeans for the past 10 years, especially hole-y ones.” Yes, I truly feel jeans have been overused, especially all the ones with holes this season. Amy will just love that I used this image for the blog this week. However, the black patent heels and the fabulous gray felt wool coat just make the entire outfit much more glamourous! Wouldn’t she just look great with a fantastic clutch in her hand? I was thinking maybe the black patent leather envelope bag? That would just bring the whole look together and work so nicely with those great patent shoes.

Well, Spring styles are here! Open that closet, pull out those heels and take them for a walk with your leather clutch!

Keep it Clutch!


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