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Clutch Made in USA

Clutch Made in USA


Clutch Made in USA is awesome stuff made in the USA by Clutch NY. Clutch NY now manufactures a wide range of goods here in the USA for small businesses to large brands. We have begun to manufacture everything from handbags, wallets, belts, leather goods, to apparel and dresses, t-shirts, baby clothes, pet accessories, hair accessories and home goods. How did this happen? Well, let me tell you how this manufacturing business has taken root.

I have been manufacturing my collection of leather handbags, Clutch Bags NY, here in Manhattan for about 15 years now. So, needless to say, I have gotten to know the US market place for raw materials and also for factories based in the USA. But most importantly, I have become familiar with how factories in the USA operate and what their capabilities are compared to factories overseas.

What I have learned from these 15 years of experience manufacturing, is that the US is very far behind China in factory service capabilities. Factories in China have been able to offer services to companies that the US factories are just not able to offer at this time. For example, if you were a business and wanted to produce a handbag, all you would have to do is send the tech pack of the item you wanted to make to a Chinese factory, and they will put the entire item together for you, including ALL the raw materials and whatever else. Chinese factories are full service factories. Their minimums are still very high, and that factor just might be the break that US factories need.

Well, in the USA, factories just do not operate this way. If you would like something made, you will have to design it yourself, source your raw materials and hardware, then find a factory that will be able to produce it for you at a minimum that will serve your business needs. Wow! This is a lot of work for a person just starting out or a company returning from manufacturing abroad and wanting to now produce in the USA. The manufacturing road in America, unfortunately, has become a difficult road to navigate in the USA. But this is changing, ever so slowly.

So, back to Clutch NY manufacturing for the last 15 years in the USA: because of this experience, I deducted that I now have the expertise and know how to work with businesses to have their products produced here in the USA. So, now, this is part of what Clutch NY is able to offer; manufactured goods made in the USA for small businesses to big brands. Since I am in the factories making Clutch Bags NY, why not make bags for other businesses? Or make other awesome stuff? All of this manufacturing helps to support all the factories in the USA that I have come to know and work with, and helps to support American jobs in so many different industries.

So, now I am sharing this world with all of you. I want to invite you in so you can get to know the companies that I am working with and see how Clutch NY helps to bring their ideas to life. Here’s the first great example. Did you notice that beautiful picture at the top of this blog? Great colors and leathers, with some handsome hardware are displayed there. These are raw materials that I sourced for my client Navira for her handbag company. She came to me with an idea for a convertible clutch/crossbody and I worked with her thru the concept, drawings, measurements, hardware, leathers right to the sample and pattern. Now we are ready to manufacture 50 of these handbags for here right in the heart of NYC!

Check out Navira’s final product here: by Navira from Clutch NY manufacturing, where we bring Made in USA to life.

Let me know what you think on our FB page. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions about Made in USA.

Have a great day and remember to Keep it Clutch!


Laura Dotolo

Clutch Bags NY

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