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As a kid I remember sitting at the dinner table as my dad spieled off about why he will only ever in his life buy an American car. And why did you think that was? Possibly because all he believed in while he was growing up and well now into his adulthood, was that if you bought American, you were ultimately supporting your own economy; it was simply known that there is only manufacturing in USA and that is all. You were believing in your neighbor, your client, your patient, your friend and supporting the only livelihood you had: your country. And if you did this, it would all come back to you, back to you in dollars for your own livelihood, in your own business, in your own community, in your own successes. Manufacturing in the USA is now more about resuscitating life into a country that is hungry again for innovation than about anything else.

I realized as I sat listening to my dad, that this made some sense. That if I believed in America and wanted myself as well as my neighbor to be a success as well as my community to flourish, I would need to support that community and do my business within it. I would need to spend my dollars where they mattered most, in the USA.

I never realized how much of an impact those dinner table conversations played upon the morals of who I have become today as a manufacturer until I began the journey of manufacturing handbags. I knew when I started making Clutch Bags in 2001 that there was no choice in the matter but to manufacture in the USA. And to this day, as I manufacture handbags, dog collars, home accessories, all here in the USA, I think back to the importance of being raised with values that keep me true to my community, my economy and to my country.

As Clutch Made grows and is discovered by more entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-ups as a manufacturing entry point into the American Made market, then, more than ever, do I realize that we at Clutch NY are truly on the path resuscitating American innovation and manufacturing in the USA.

Please contact us if you are interested in bringing your idea to life. We will work with you on product development and will manufacture your product here in the USA.

Keep it Clutch!

Laura Dotolo

Clutch Bags New York

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