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Clutch Made Introduces: BLK BLU NYC

Clutch Made Introduces: BLK BLU NYC

Clutch Made introduces BLK BLU NYC, our newly launched accessories brand made right here in the heart of NYC! Blk and Blu is the perfect amalgamation of impeccable luxury and perfect craftsmanship. Untethered by the industry status quo, their brand is proudly made in New York City.

BLK BLU’s beanie in web production!

Drawing inspiration from European aesthetics, Blk and Blu‘s products are built to meet the high standards of creative individuals looking to find monochrome luxury in the most edgy style. Partnered with Clutch Made for manufacturing, design and branding support, they opened up to us regarding how they plan on bringing edgy style back to luxe. Read along!

BLK BLU Leather Belt Bag

Clutch Made: Tell us a little about the brand. BLK BLU NYC: BLK BLU NYC is an accessories-based brand with a focus on leather. Our style and attitude are influenced by NYC street fashion. The same city where all our pieces are designed and manufactured. Our foundation is luxury-inspired leather goods at an attainable price.

BLK BLU Laser Cut Bowtie

Clutch Made: What inspired you to start an accessories label, which represents luxury in such a sexy and edgy way?

BLK BLU NYC: Our accessory company stemmed from our interest in pieces that we were unable to find, or afford. As we began reviewing pieces we all wanted, it became clear there was a market for this.

BLK BLU Beanie

Clutch Made: How has the support and services provided by Clutch Made been for you?

BLK BLU NYC: Before we began working with Clutch Made, much of our brand was in a concept phase. Clutch Made was able to help us turn ideas into reality. We are very grateful.


Clutch Made: If you had to define your brand in three words, what would they be?

BLK BLU NYC: Edgy, Luxe, Uncommon

BLK BLU Collar

Clutch Made: If you had to dress one celebrity with the product line of Black and Blu which one would it be?

BLK BLU NYC: We are very inspired by NYC street fashion, so…. Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, Pharrell, Diane Kruger, we couldn’t pick just one!

BLK BLU Hair Cuff

Clutch Made: Just on the verge of commencement, how do you feel about introducing a made in NYC accessories label in the current crazy scene of Fashion?

BLK BLU NYC: One of our original core ideals was to have everything (fabrics, production, models, etc) all be NYC based. Not only is it important that our pieces are Made in America, but specifically NYC. We love the energy of the city, and are excited to become part of its fashion scene.


Clutch Made: Where do you see Black and Blu in the next 5 years?

BLK BLU NYC: Ruling the world! Haha. We are really looking forward to some more edgy future ad campaigns. And also, slowly adding product categories like apparel, footwear, etc.

There you have it-BLK BLU NYC bringing leather accessories to life reflexive of the edgy aesthetic of urban living.

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