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The First Step on How to Make a Handbag in the USA

The First Step on How to Make a Handbag in the USA

If you are following along with our posts on How to Make a Handbag in the USA, this week we discuss the first step on how to make your dream handbag, here in NYC. Are you ready to make your first handbag? Follow these easy directions on how to submit a free consult sign up. Making a handbag in NYC is fast, easy, and exciting with the help of the Clutch Made team.

The first step would begin by visiting our website, Clutch Made. This is where you will find the consultation form to fill out.

Next, click on the Services Tab.

From there, you will click on the very first service listed, Free Consult Set Up.

Next, fill out the form and tell us the direction of what exactly you are looking for. Do you already have a business? Do you have a bag design in mind? Clearly state your ideas and a Clutch Made team member will get back to you within 24-48 hours via email.

After you have received an email that confirms that we have received your form, we will want to schedule a phone call with you in order to further discuss your ideas. Make sure to be prepared for some of the questions a team member may ask you. Questions might and could include: Do you know the style of the handbag you want to design? Have you thought about the materials or colors you would want to use for the handbag? Or do you know the size and measurements you want to include? We want you to really think about the product that you will be developing.

At Clutch Made, we promise to help you with every detail of your handbag. If you are unsure about some of the questions mentioned above, don’t let that stop you! We are here to help and guide you. Our expertise will ensure that we make the handbag of your dreams.

To start thinking about these questions, we always encourage designers and businesses to make an inspiration board on Pinterest. Need some ideas? Follow us and get inspired by our posts.

Stay tuned next week to learn how we help you with the next step of the process: Conceptualization and Design.

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