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Best Travel Crossbody Bag

Best Travel Crossbody Bag

The Best Travel Crossbody Bag is by far the Travel Bag from Clutch NY. This leather handbag is designed to sit comfortably on the body while you are on the go! Thus, it has been given the name Travel Bag. We at Clutch NY would like to give you a handbag review of the Travel Bag, so sit back and read on. The Clutch NY Travel Bag is made from a full grain cowhide. The handbag feels luxe from the outside in, as the interior lining is made of a supple pig suede, so every time you reach into your Travel Bag to get your wallet or phone, you are reminded of having a designer handbag just from the touch. The same can be applied to the nickel plated zippers. When running the zippers open, they glide like no other zipper you have worked. The movement is so smooth making the experience of going into your handbag a delightful experience all around. There is an outside zipper pocket that you can access easily when the handbag is slung across your body. The zipper top opening allows easy access from the top of the bag right to the inside. Again, this functions nicely when the handbag is sitting across your body. Overall, the handbag receives five stars for easy and efficient access in and out.

Now, let’s look at the size of the handbag. When slung across your body, the handbag sits on the nook of your hip/waist, giving you the feeling that the bag itself is virtually weightless. This stems from the design, which is a cousin of the fanny pack. It has a convex shape that nestles into the body so comfortably. The size does not look very big, but once in use, this bag holds more than the eye could envision it to hold. Lets just say this bag holds exactly what you need and never seems to look or feel too big or bulky for wherever you are going, whatever you are doing or however you are traveling!

Finally, lets not forget the overall best feature which is the cross body leather handbag style that it is. This handbag has an adjustable leather strap with an Italian nickel plated buckle that adjusts comfortably for easy wear across the chest. This handbag is easy to wear when traveling and walking around anywhere! Your hands are free to carry shopping bags. Your hands are available for looking and shopping. Your hands are free to manage your children or to hold the hand of a loved one. Wow! There are so many benefits of this crossbody that fit into your lifestyle. This handbag is the best cross body for any woman who is super active and always on the go. The Travel Bag from Clutch NY just makes your life that much easier to manage.

Remember to Keep it Clutch!

The Clutch NY Team

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