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Designer Handbag Names

Designer Handbag Names

The names of handbag styles is quite a marketing and branding tool, if you think about it. What goes into the naming of handbags you might ask? Well, we at Clutch NY have been discussing this in some of our past blogs, if you have been paying attention. Clutch Bags NY has and always will, name the handbag styles of the Clutch NY collection after utilitarian names of bags. This gives an association to our leather handbags and purses that we feel is a functional one. Our goal for our clients of Clutch Bags NY is to use our leather handbags as a necessary utilitarian bag everyday.

So where do the names of purses come from? It seems that most names originate from utilitarian bags that have been used by peoples throughout the ages. Clutch NY has always used utilitarian names for our handbags and leather purses. The Pencil Bag, pictured above, is the perfect example of a designer handbag name taken from a utilitarian bag. Have you thought about the Pencil part of that handbag?Well, why don’t you take a look at the inspiration picture here and tell me what you see. That looks like a pencil bag for your pencils. Well then, there you have the inspiration. This is a pretty simple one. When I was designing this bag, I was thinking about the size of a Pencil Bag, and the ease and softness of the body of the bag. I was imagining putting a check book in there, with a a pen, receipts and credit cards. Then I thought about this leather clutch, and thought, “I want this bag to have that same ease when putting any personal effects into this zipper top pencil bag.”

In the past couple of years, zipper pouches have really come to the forefront of handbags and clutches in the “small leather bag world of accessories”. It is nice to see women using a few soft leather zipper closure bags inside their bigger bags and totes. Remember, anything utilitarian helps to keep your life a little bit more organized.

Keep It Clutch!

The Clutch NY Team

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