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New York City Fashion Week


New York City fashion week has once again left its inspirational energy upon New York City. The week was a visual feast of fashion portraits on the streets. The boost of creative inspiration rocks your world in such a good way, that it stimulates you to run home, throw open your closet doors and start reinventing your wardrobe.

I have been a New York City stylist for almost 20 years now, aside from being the Creative Director and founder of Clutch NY. And yet there are still two times of the year that I feel a rush of inspiration in the style and fashion world. That time is always during those two weeks of every year known as Fashion Week. The feeling I receive when I see someone wearing something that fills me with such creative inspiration never ceases to amaze me. I mean, the usual on the street inspiration that you read about in my street style blogs definitely inspires me and my work. However, the volume is turned up a few decimals during the weeks of fashion exploitation. It is so invigorating and such eye candy, that I try and take a mental picture with notes every time I catch a moment of styling uniqueness in my peripheral. Admittingly, most of the inspiration from the shows does not come from the fashion on the runways, but more from the looks of the audience and viewers you see on the streets, in the venue and cued up behind the velvet ropes.

I found myself running home a couple of times this past week, throwing open my closest doors, pulling out, reworking, trying on and reinventing clothing items to give them a fresh inspirational twist. After all, fashion is born from style, style is not born of fashion. All of us have the pieces in our wardrobe to be fashionable this season, it is all how you put them together and wear them. Everything old becomes new again.

Through all of this, I still reach for a handbag from my collection of Clutch Bags and always end up coming up with a leather handbag that just happens to look great with this season’s fashions. Imagine this? Who knew that the “stay with all power” of Clutch Bags NY could withstand the turbulence of fashion trends. But they do. So, with the hems and lengths and layers moving around and the fabrics going from silk to cotton to tassels and patterns, I can reach for those classically styled handbags and ALWAYS put it on my shoulder or under my arm and ALWAYS look perfectly ahead of the moment.

Enjoy the week & be inspired!

Big kisses-

Laura Dotolo

Clutch NY

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