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Clutch Made Client Aurelia Garza talks about Manufacturing in America!

Linking her namesake and heritage with a passion for travel and Art, Aurelia Garza breathes a balance of feminine strength and architectural grace into her handbag designs.

Having been inspired by her travels in Europe, Aurelia moved to New York City to focus her interests on interior design. Aurelia's experience in interior design lends itself as the perfect foundation for her to meld modern chic style with classic sensible taste.

Participating in a trunk show this weekend in Texas, Aurelia Garza opens up to Clutch Made about her journey so far as a hand bag designer.

Clutch Made: A balance of feminine strength and architectural grace, tell us a little more about Aurelia Garza?

Aurelia Garza: The brand mission is to design bags women will love and wear day and night over and over again. To design bags that will become women's go-to bag for them to take anywhere they go, whether they are shopping, working, running errands or having fun. Aurelia Garza bags are designed and styled to always help women look presentable and polished.

Clutch Made: How does Aurelia Garza as a brand stand out from other American based brands?

Aurelia Garza: The spirit of the brand is to offer an accessory that adapts to all life style situations, to be prepared for any event while looking your best. I haven't seen that kind of spirit in any American brand thus far.

Clutch Made: How are you trying to incorporate the European aesthetics in a locally made in NYC brand?

Aurelia Garza: Europe is timeless, it never goes out of style and we want the same in our bags, to be timeless, elegant and classical but with the unstoppable energy of New York. New York women are always on the go, they never seem to stop. They go from work, to running errands and then to dinner with friends. We want to create bags fit for the lifestyle of those women. The women that never stop, just like New York City!

Clutch Made: How has the experience using the services of styling, photographing and manufacturing with Clutch Made been?

Aurelia Garza: I am a new designer and Clutch Made has made the process of bringing my designs into a reality quite easy. They have been very helpful and working with them has been a real learning experience.

Clutch Made: What is the strong belief behind the ideology of manufacturing in USA?

Aurelia Garza: The idea behind manufacturing in the U.S. is to support local economy and create more jobs. Also when you live close to where the manufacturing of your product is happening, there is more quality control and easier communication between the designer and the manufacturer. If anything goes wrong it can be fixed faster and the lead time becomes shorter. Plus we are proud to say our product is made here in the states and nowhere else!

Clutch Made: Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

Aurelia Garza: In 5 years I see the Aurelia Garza brand in department stores across the U.S.

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