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How to Make a Bag in The USA

Ever wanted to design your own bag? Never really had the resources? Wasn’t sure where to go? We’ve got you covered. At Clutch Made, we work with our clients in order to make their Ideas come to life. Let me tell you about what we do here at Clutch Made.

Let me start by breaking down our process into steps so you can understand better on how to get started. We’ve


​​completed this bike bag sample for one of our clients. He started with just an idea, which is usually first step is samples. Once we received the email from him, we immediately got into action and scheduled a design consultation. The second step is really understanding exactly what our client wants. After talking back and forth with our client during our design consultation on the phone, we got a better understanding of his design concept.

The third step is all about the tech packs. Our product developer, Ana, put together

the specs for the tech pack in order for us to get precise measurements for the sample. The fourth step is the sourcing. Here at Clutch Made we source all our material from the U.S.A vendors and make sure our clients have only the best recommended materials that work for their product. For this client, we found materials that were much more durable and gave this bike bag more structure. We added hardware such as black plastic snaps and magnetic buckles. And the final fifth chapter is the production of the sample. It took us three tries to perfect this bike bag. We really care about quality and our clients so we make sure our samples are perfect to the last stitch. After several trials… volia! We have our sample! It looks absolutely stunning and we’re all ready to ship it out to our client!

Let us help you make your ideas come to life. Sign up on for a consultation and let’s get started!

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