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Sourcing With Clutch Made, The Factory You Can Talk to

Can’t find the right materials to make your accessory? One of the many services we offer at Clutch Made is sourcing. We source various materials for our clients, but our three most popular ones are fabrics, leathers, and zippers. There’s no doubt these materials are the backbone to purses, handbags, and clutches,or any accessory for that matter.

The first most popular material that we source that almost every handbag or accessory is made of are woven fabrics. There are so many choices on the market, from canvas to tweed the possibilities are endless. Since our factory office is located in the garment district, this allows us to easily walk down the streets of New York City and see what the city has to offer. We can actually feel the fabrics to ensure quality and see the many different choices each vendor has to offer. Once we choose a fabric we think you’ll love, we cut a swatch and send it your way.

The second most popular material is leather. We’ve had many clients in the past that have a variety of different specific requests of what type of leather, color, and texture they want. Even if your company is eco-conscious, we’ve got you covered. Vegan leather is a huge trend sweeping the fashion world, and we can help you be a part of it too! Our vendors have many colorful and realistic vegan leather so you can be stylish while going green.

The third and final most popular material that we source at Clutch Made is zippers. There are many different options and choices a lot of people are unaware of when it comes to zippers. There is no universal zipper. There are different parts to a zipper and they do not all match. It is essential that the pull matches the slider for it to work.

Clutch Made is the perfect partner (spot) for you to start and maintain your business as we’ll assist you throughout the entire process! Check out the services we offer on our website to see how!

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