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Clutch Made: The new way to manufacture!

Now that you have an idea of what you want to make, come to us and we will tranform your vision into a reality.

Who? Clutch Made is a modern e-factory that provides design and manufacturing services to small businesses and brands looking to source and produce in the USA. We specialize in sourcing the materials needed for us to manufacture your handbags and accessories.

Why? We are your one stop shop to all your manufacturing and sellig woes. The Clutch Made team works through every detail of our client’s product from the idea to the actual tangible sample and ensures the best service and highest quality of expertise. We are located in NYC with our factory in the heart of the garment district.

How? The Clutch Made Team’s mission is to have open communication so we can make your products a reality. Send us an email on or call us at 917.830.3820. Social Media- Instagram @clutch_made, Facebook @clutchade

We have broken down our process into two simple steps-

Step 1

Ideation: The first step towards creating your collection is working on the design process with the help of our team. We work with you to further develop the idea through design consultations and also help create tech-packs.

Pattern-Making: The Clutch Made Factory makes patterns for our clients. This is incorporated within the sample making process.

Materials: Our team helps source all your raw material needs from leather, fabric, lining down to hardware like zippers, clasps etc. for your samples, prototypes or production

Sample Making: Our team works with you to spec and illustrate prototypes so that we can communicate more clearly during the process.

Tooling: Our team works with various factories so you can manufacture anything that your needs. Our factories provides everything from die fabrication to providing all raw-materials, hardware, printing, labels etc.

Production: We handle small to large quantity production across a wide range of accessories.

Step 2

Congrats! Now that you are ready with your final product, we will provide you will all the necessary tools needed to promote your products and sell them!

Creating your website: You can work with our team to launch your website, we will not only design the website for you, but also show you how to maintain the website on your own. Our team will work to create bios, product descriptions, key branding search tools and everything else necessary to keep your website up and running.

Social Media set-up: Clutch Made can help you create social media platforms that would work well for your brand and products. This includes acquiring all handles for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and the strategies on how to maintain it consistently.

Styling and Photography: This is the fun part for the Clutch Made Team! Our professional NYC photographers are the best in business. Alongside Creative Director Laura Dotolo who has 20 years of styling expertise, the Clutch Made team creates beautiful product shots and video’s for your brand. The images you receive will then be perfect for all your website and social media platforms.

Great, you are all set!

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