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How to be a 'Fearless Girl' Maker

Women's History month is a month long celebration in March. The strides past women have made are worthy of remembrance in our current times. I love the impromptu 'Fearless Girl' statue right near where I live in Downtown, Manhattan. It stirs the pride and demand for equality of opportunity for everyone. That’s Girl Power!

Technology and the internet have leveled the playing ground for opportunity today. Here at the Clutch Made Factory we bring accessory ideas to life for people of all backgrounds and locations in the USA. Some of our clients are established brands, although many are aspiring makers of their dream accessory. We invite entrepreneurs through mid-size brands to our Clutch Made Factory, providing them with everything from product development, sample making onto branding and manufacturing. The Clucth Made Factory is working hard to empower the "Made in USA" manufacturing.

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