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So What's a Design Consultation?

Do you find yourself constantly doodling designs? Do you have some great ideas that you just can’t seem to get out on paper? Are you constantly thinking about designing your own accessories? If so, we’ve got the solutions for you here at Clutch Made. We can work with you to execute your ideas into a reality through a design consultation, one of the many services we provide. During this design consultation, we work with you to conceptualize the design of your accessory and help you get it down on paper.

Keep in mind the purpose of a design consult is to not only produce an accessory but to start a business. The design consultation helps you visually translate your aesthetic of your business as a whole. We work with you to identify your timeline, price points, strengths, and weaknesses so you can understand who your market is. The goal is for you to really understand your demographic and their need for your product. At the same time, we work with you to envision the physical product you want to manufacture. The next step after a successful design consultation is to work with our designers.

Whether you are a startup or an established brand, we will work with you to strategize how you will design a product while keeping your business goals in mind. We are the designers and the product developer that are available to work with you so you won’t have to hire a third party designer or strategist. We are the one stop shop; you start with an idea and end with a business driven product that you will love. If you are interested in booking a one hour design consultation for $150 you can sign up on our website today! Click here! What are you waiting for?

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