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8 easy steps will take you from being a maker into a seller!

Want to know how to make and sell your accessories? Here at Clutch Made, if you MAKE with US, you can SELL with US! We guide you throughout the entire process, so you understand what it means to be a designer and an entrepreneur. After your product is ready, you can sell at our online marketplace at 8 easy steps will take you from being a maker into a seller-

1. Design Consultation- The first step towards creating your collection is working on the design process with the help of our team. Schedule with us so we can discuss the logistics of your product AND your business.

2. Tech pack- The second step is making a tech pack. This is the drawing and specs we will need to make your accessory, a definite must for us to know the exact measurements in order to envision your accessories.

3. Sourcing- What materials are you going to use? Not too sure? We can help you with that! From leathers, linings to hardware, we have it all and can provide it for you!

4. Sample/pattern making-Clutch Made has a team of top artisans in the garment district who are experts at making your ideas transform into physical products. They are beautifully crafted and of course, we can make adjustments where they are needed.

5. Production- Did you know we manufacture right here in the garment district? That’s right, we are 100% made in the USA. This ensures there are no mistakes or miscommunication throughout the entire production process. We will be with you every step of the way. Clutch Made is the factory you can talk to!

6. Social media. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies, and you’re just in luck! We offer social media packages to document your production process, and provide you with quality production photos for your Instagram and other handles.

7. Branding- Figuring out your brand identity is crucial to your consumers as it is directly associated with your aesthetic. We can help make logos and other unique features that work with the aesthetics of your brand.

8. Website Creation- We can help you make your site that matches the aesthetic of your brand to bring consistency to the table. If you aren’t ready to start on your own, no worries! We can help you sell your products on our very own site, which online marketplace for your accessories!

Clutch Made offers many services in order to help you become a successful business. From making to selling, we’re here for you every step of the way. If you MAKE with US, you SELL with US! It’s that easy! Sign up today to get started on your business... What are you waiting for?

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