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Find out where the luxury industry is headed

In an effort to savor the last few days of summer Sunday brunches, I invited my friend to join me to this really trendy, organic restaurant in The Village. "I can't believe they don't have an ingredient list for any of their dishes!", said my very offended friend, so we had to pick another place where she could see in writing, the ingredients of the dish she chooses to eat! Is this high maintenance, or just her right as a consumer to be aware and make an informed choice? Everywhere where I go, I constantly find myself surrounded by people looking for transparency. I observe people flipping labels to see the quality of the fabric or where it is manufactured, I see sales associates rushing to tell me "Just a quick introduction about the brand…..". Consumers demand transparency to make a more informed choice. Today's generation has a different definition of "Luxury", it is not about ivory towers and big brand names, it is about - accessibility and transperancy!

This is why here at Clutch Bags New York, we feature independent designers who are making and selling here in the USA. So why should you support them, when you can go to your local shopping mall and purchase any handbag that has a global brand name? Here is why..

Slow Fashion movement These are well-crafted products made in small batches, they are not mass-produced to satiate the demands of a global audience. Instead of spending on a generic handbag from a global brand, invest in a one-of-a kind luxury handbag by an independent designer.

Independent Designer Just like you they are talented,creative, hardworking! They are sustaining independently to bring you the finest in luxury design! Here at we curate our collection by picking designers who share the same values as our brand.

Made in USA In an effort to bring transparency to our consumers, we make our bags in the heart of NYC to have a better control over ethical labor practices and competent craftsmanship! Featured designers on our website often make with us and sell with us. We believe in supporting local craftsmen and designers.

Accessible Luxury Get a taste of well-crafted, unique pieces created by local designers and crafted by skilled artisans. Pay for the craftsmanship and not for the brand-name!

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