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Why You Should Make in USA

1. Job Creation

Without even realizing it, you are creating American jobs with every Made in USA product you buy. There’s a direct impact on the factory workers and the owners of the company producing the product, as well as the people employed in the businesses supplying the inventory, utilities, equipment, and services to that company.

2. Long-term cost is lower

It’s not just an American feeling; American made products are known for a higher quality. Anyone who has shopped at Walmart or any other fast-fashion store has seen and experienced the quality of cheap products made in countries like China and Bangladesh. Yes the prices are low, but is it worth the short lifespan? Having a product replace frequently might benefit the company but

3. Better working conditions

I know this is a topic most people prefer to avoid, but many countries do not enforce and provide the same worker environment and child protection controls as Western countries. It's definitely a challenge for companies to compete on cost with regimes willing to exploit their own people. Every purchase gives us more control over our country’s future and lets us help prepare the next generation for success with the proper conditions. Watch The True Cost to learn more about working conditions around the world and the effects of fast-fashion.

So, look for a "Made In USA" logo on products you purchase and support companies who manufacture locally! Here are some brands that are 100% Made in USA.

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