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MFTA turns 40 and as an active donor to this amazing non-profit, is ever so excited! Clear your calendars on May 17 and try not to miss the 22-member performance by Tropical Fete Steel Pan Youth!

MFTA provides exemplary support to schools, colleges and artists. Their cause is not only environment friendly, but also provides an eclectic mix of sources for artists to choose from. is proud to be a part of their sustainable initiative.

Materials for the Arts has been New York City’s largest creative reuse center since 1978. Existing at the intersection of art, education and the environment for 40 years, MFTA collects a wide variety of reusable materials from businesses and individuals throughout NYC and gives them away for free to nonprofits, arts organizations and public schools diverting almost 2 million pounds annually from the landfill.

The donated materials are available for use by 4,731 organizations consisting of variety of students, educators, choreographers, actors, set designers, art therapists, after-school providers, community workers, public agencies and many more.

Congratulations MFTA, Keep up the good work!

-Clutch Bags New York Team

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