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Iconic Accessories Throughout the Years

Some of the most iconic accessories were made famous by celebrities. Let's take a look at a few throughout the years side by side with accessories today. You can shop these on!

On the left is Grace Kelly and her famous headband. The headband has been an accessory for over 2,500 years but in the 1920's, feathered and sequined headbands became popular with flappers. It entered the sports genre and had a dual purpose. You can read more about the history here. On the right, we have the modern take with leather by Blk Blu NYC.

On the left is Jane Birkin and her wicker basket. Did you know that these are often used as material for upholstery? The way it is made is by weaving the material that is harvested from long grass shoots/vines. Wicker, bamboo, and cane can often get mistaken for each other. You can read more about the differences on these materials here. On the right, we have a tote that has a similar texture with caning by Cane Island Accessories.

On the left is Brigitte Bardot and her iconic bow. She was known for all her hairstyles. They have recently come back in style! You can read more about them here. Style an accessory or create a Bardot inspired hairstyle to go with the perfect clutch, on the right, for events by Dress for Cocktails.

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