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The History of the Belt Bag

We can thank the fanny pack for the evolution of the belt bag that now grace the fashion scene. The fanny pack (American English), or bum bag (British English) traces back to antiquity in many cultures, even as far back as Native American buffalo pouches.

Sarah Jessica Parker in a vintage belt bag circa 90's Vogue

In the 90's Vogue featured a modern fanny pack in the pages of their magazine during its popular years, until the fanny pack craze was later deemed "old-fashioned" and "un-chic". However in 2012 the fanny pack reemerged, with a new name "the belt bag", taking the un-chic out of 'fanny' and it's been 'in' ever since.

Women are sick of carrying stuff and in the new age of modernity and minimalism society, do we really need that much stuff anyways? The essentials (a card wallet, lipstick, and phone) all fit into a belt bag keeping you hands-free, sporty and chic, from a country hike to a city stroll.

The belt bag revolution is not only aesthetically on-trend, but is also praised for its versatility. From styling the belt bag across the hips like a traditional fanny pack, to belting it to your jeans, or even slinging it over the shoulder, the belt bag has made many street-style appearances.

Models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner sport the trend.

Today the belt bag trend reaches us via so many different markets, and we believe it might be here to stay! So here are some belt bags that we are loving, at different price points so you can find the perfect belt bag and live out your fanny pack dreams.

(from left to right) Clutch NY belt bag $250, Gucci Marmont belt bag $1,100, Free People belt bag $48, BLK BLU NYC $395

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